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1159   ÅRSDANS 2017-18
A Lot About A Little   SKÆRBÆKDANS 2022
A Stiff Drink
Ah Si!
Alan Jackson
All The King's Men
An Absolute Dream
Anything For Love
Baby Belle
Backroad Nation    ÅRSDANS 2019-20
Bad Habbits Leads To You ÅRS/Skærbæk 2021-22
Be There In Your Morning
Beer For My Horses
Bonaparte's Retreat    ÅRSDANS 2019-20
Bottom Of The Bottle    ÅRSDANS 2022-23
Broken Heart
Bud Wiser  
Cha Cha One
Chattahoochee II
Chevy Camaro 396 X
Clap Your Hands, And Stamp Your Feet
Come Dance With Me
Country Boy Lovin'    ÅRSDANS 2020-21
Corn     ÅRSDANS 2021-22  SKÆRBÆKDANS 2022
Diamond Dixie
Did He Mean To?    ÅRSDANS 2019-20
Down On Your Uppers
Down The Dixie Road    ÅRSDANS 2019-20
Down To The Honkytonk
Dwight´s Above And Beyond SKÆRBÆKDANS 2023
Early In The Morning   ÅRSDANS  2017-18
(Every) Cotton Pickin' Morning
Every Day Is For Love
Every Step In The Book (Almost)
Every Time She Walks By   ÅRSDANS 2017-18
Except Monday
Float Ya´Boat    ÅRSDANS/Skærbæk 2021-22
Forever And Ever
Friday At The Dance
Fishin' In The Dark
Full House
Galway Girls
Get Down The Fiddle
Ghost Town
Ghost Train  
Golden Wedding Ring
Gypsy Woman
Gypsy Queen    ÅRSDANS 2016-17  
Gypsy Queen - Easy
Happy, Happy, Happy  
Here We Go
Here We Go - Easy
Hey Ho  
Hey Old Lover
High Cotton
Home To Louisiana
I Close My Eyes    ÅRSDANS 2018-19
I've Got Mexico  
If You Need Me   ÅRSDANS 2020-21
Irish Stew
I Still Fal For You         
I Want A Cowboy For A Night SKÆRBÆKDANS 2023
I Would Have Been
Just A Little Love
Just A Memory
Like A Rose
Lindi Shuffle
Little Nancy Mulligan  
Little Country Race  
Little Wagon Wheel
Livin' On Love
Lonely Blues   ÅRSDANS 2019-20
Lonely Drum    ÅRSDANS  2017-18
Lonely Drum EZ  
Looking Up
Lord Help Me
Love Flow    ÅRSDANS 2018-19  
Love Grows     ÅRSDANS 2022-23
Love Grows Wild
Love Like Before   ÅRSDANS 2016-17
Mama & Daddy  
Mama & Me
Marching Home
Must've Been Wild Angels
My Little Old Lover
My New Life
My Pretty Belinda  
My Tipperary Girl
My Tipperary Girl EZ  
Nothing But You
Never Tired Of It  
Nimby EZ  
Not Alone On The Floor
Off The Beaten Track
Old And Grey  
One Last Twostep
Out In The Street  
People Are Crazy
Poor Boy Blues
Ready To Roll
Ride Away  
Roadhouse Rock  
Rollin' Home  
Ruby Baby
Rum In My Coke
Scottin' Bootin'     ÅRSDANS 2023-24
Shakin' Mix
She's My Baby  
She's My Baby And I Love Her  
Ship And Bottle
Simple Things
Some Girls Will  
Something I Can't Do
Something In The Water  
Sorry Dear  
Spread My Wings And Fly  
Stay Alle Night  
Stop Starring At My Eyes  
Stitch It Up  
Straight To Hell    
Stroll Along Cha Cha  
Summer In Ireland       SKÆRBÆKDANS 2023
Sunset Road  ÅRSDANS 2021-22   SBDANS 2022 
Sweethearts By Saturday
Take The First Step
Texas Two-Step
Thanks A Lot
That Honky Tonk Highway
The Little Farmer   ÅRSDANS 2019-20
The Most Beautyful Girl   ÅRSDANS  2017-18  
This And That  
Three Beers To Mexico  
Time To Come Together  
Train Swing    ÅRSDANS 2019-20  
Vaya Con Dios (My Darling)  ÅRSDANS 2020-21
Vertical Expression  
Volvo B18 (Chevy Camaro 396)  
You're So Naughty
Wagon Wheel Rock
Walking On The Moon
We Only Live Once EZ
Wheels & Roses
Where There´s Country
Why Did It Have To Be Me   ÅRSDANS 2018-19  
 Young Again